Our solutions for commercial real estate include:

  • Dashboards

    Contata has expertise in building dashboards for brokers and agents, where the entire back office processes are displayed on the dashboards. The dashboard links to the in-built processes at the backend for agents, brokers, property and contacts.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Leverage Contata’s reporting and analytical capabilities to derive up-to-the-minute reports on sales and operational data.

  • 3rd-Party Integration

    We offer solutions that help real estate companies to integrate their internal accounting and rental management systems with building management systems (such as Yardi)

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Contata offers specialized tools and services to help real estate agents monitor social media for leads, brand penetration and customer service.

  • Mobility Interface

    We offer a range of custom mobile applications to help brokers and dealers stay connected with their customers.

  • Campaign Management

    User friendly campaign designing tool where pluggable and powerful campaigns can be made. Campaigns can also be tracked efficiently.