Careers Overview

Our associates work with us for longer term compared to industry averages. They become a part of Contata team and provide their best value to our clients.

Contata Solutions

Contata Solutions, founded in 2000, is a software product, solutions and services company headquartered in Minneapolis, US with 5 offices including offshore centres in India – a Software Engineering Group based in the Delhi NCR region, back-office support group based in Nagpur & Indore India, and a sales office in Stockholm, Sweden.

We partner and help businesses to achieve the next leap.

  • Engineer software concept to product and re-engineer existing product
  • Automate orchestration and tracking of business process
  • Optimize performance of businesses through machine learning process
  • Organize and deploy intelligent data to drive business strategies
Contata Solutions India Office

Come, Work with Us

We at Contata Solutions are deeply committed to the well being and professional development of our associates. We provide the right atmosphere and environment for learning and professional growth of our freshers. We provide training in the latest and relevant cutting-edge tools and technologies to our associates.

  • Opportunity to learn and work in the software technology of your choice,
  • Training and nurturing by industry experienced mentors and get ample opportunity to innovate.
  • Work with international customers teams directly and develop excellent consultative skills in solving their business problems.

We provide an atmosphere where you are valued for your contribution and skills. Responsibilities are given early in the work life of the individual to help them grow into what they want to be.

Contata Solutions India Office
  • Excellent associate engagement process
  • A strong on-boarding mechanism to help freshers ease into work life from college life.
  • Fun@Work
  • Strong mentorship and nurturing of freshers
  • Rewards & Recognition scheme to acknowledge and reward our associates

Come and become a part of an exciting and positively challenging journey!

Contata Solutions Team Activity

Young and Thriving Culture

Contata Solutions is a thriving and living entity and provides a unique fulfilling work experience. The way of working and atmosphere is provided, without compromising the personal beliefs and values of associates. We do this by making sure that we practice what we preach, namely:

Delight our Customers and Associates by providing best in class, state of the art software technology based Innovative solutions to solve important business problems of your customers. We do this in a manner which is has the hallmark of Integrity, and by working in Teams.

We believe, as Michael Jordan has said – "Talent wins games, but Teamwork and intelligence win championships."

Our formal and informal systems, our behaviour, and values – all reflect the honesty, the earnestness to provide an experience to our associates – to be able to do what they have to do with pride and self-belief.

We are Agile, we are Young, we are Collaborative, we are Fast Paced, we are Inclusive, we are Passionate, and we are Flexible.

Life of a Contatan

Contata Solutions Family
Contata Solutions Team Activity
Contata Solutions Team Activity
Contata Solutions Team Activity
Contata Solutions Team Activity
Contata Solutions Team Activity
Contata Solutions Team Activity
Contata Solutions Team Activity
Contata Solutions Team Activity