Our analytics service helps you understand the attributes & behaviors driving your most profitable & loyal customers. Audience targeting builds on this understanding to help you find and attract more customers that are similar to your best customers. Our SoLoyal platform supports omni-channel marketing so you can reach your prospects where they are most likely to be, and with a message that is customized to resonate with them.

Components of this service include:

  • Find Prospects Matching Your Best-Customer Profile

    Once we figure out the true makeup of your customers, we can harvest industry-specific databases to find prospects that resemble your loyal customer base.

  • Reach them on their preferred channels

    With support for omni-channel marketing built into our SoLoyal platform, we can help drive your marketing messages to your customers and prospects across traditional as well as new-age channels. Using a variety of automated & manual methods, we can augment your prospect profiles with their social media handles to help you reach them where they are most likely to hang out.

  • Engage & Attract New Customers

    With campaigns and messages designed specifically to appeal to the interests and buying habits of each of your loyal customer segments, our audience targeting service incorporates effective tactical approaches to customer acquisition for each target segment.

  • Messages that Resonate.

    In an era of increasingly short attention spans, your marketing message has less than a few seconds to grab attention. To be click-worthy, your message has to have the right combination of offer & messaging. We use knowledge gleaned from our in-depth customer profiling, and the experience gained from managing hundreds of campaigns, to improve the odds of grabbing your prospects’ attention.