Stay Alert, Effortlessly.

How do you stay on top of social media conversations about your company and your brand in the face of a ‘social media channel explosion’? The number of social media outlets are about 36,000 currently and the number continues to grow by the hour.

Contata’s AlertMix system, built on highly scalable Big Data systems such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Storm, etc., has a voracious appetite for storing massive amounts of data. The system also has the keen intellect, powered by state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, to digest these massive data streams and present to you what, and only what, matters.

The salient features of AlertMix include:

  • Market Intelligence

    Find conversations related to competitors, influencers, and relevant groups to understand key directions and trends.

  • Brand Monitoring & Management

    Track positive or negative mentions of your brand and respond within AlertMix. Organizations can use the system to exert an online presence and influence future purchases.

  • Mobile Support

    Mobile apps tied to AlertMix allow you to receive timely alerts. If you are a sales or marketing professional, you have access to the most information from wherever you are.

  • Social Sales

    Generate leads, build brand credibility with prospects, and maintain personal relationships with current clients.

  • Alert Preferences

    Create multiple streams within AlertMix that drill down into the heart of your business. Our notification settings also allow you to receive timely emails of the newest alerts or implement data export options.

  • Real Time Data Curation

    AlertMix scours the web for everything important you. Stay alert on information that affects your business-to-business sales, whether that information is posted on social media, blogs, or news sites.